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A http website shouldn't be indexing as https but it happens

Posted by Ninja Space Content on Saturday, July 18, 2020 Under: Domain Management
I've owned websites for over a decade and have never run into this problem until now. In the past, all of my websites were properly indexed in Google with "http" and not "https" because I don't buy an SSL certificate for them but recently one of my websites is being indexed with "https". I don't want this to happen because if Google is indexing it this way, a DANGER DANGER page will be shown to the visitor before they can reach my URL. This causes a high bounce rate and in turn, decreases the value of my website and prevents people from reading my content. 

I contacted my domain company and my hosting company and they both just quickly said to just go ahead and order an SSL cert for it and then it'll eliminate the problem. Thing is, I only have this problem for this one particular site. My other 7 websites are being indexed in the search engine with "http" as they should. I thought that was a very lazy way to get me to just stop bothering them. And no, this is not a new website. It's been up and live for several years.

Anyway, I'm looking into my current set-up in Google Webmasters (also known as Search Console) to make sure my site is indexing with just "http" only. I think I'm heading in the right direction because it allows you to list all of the variations that you'd like your website URL to be indexed as. I'll let you know if the search engine has changed the indexing of the website in a few weeks. If you're having the same problem, good luck!

July 24, 2020 Update: 

I've decided to use the free SSL cert plan from Cloudfare to use for the website that's mistakenly indexing with https:// because my traffic is building and I want to decrease my bounce rates as quickly as possible. So far, all I had to do was change the name servers. The process was so easy and quick and it propagated within the same day! This is so great. They give you a limit if you're using the free plan, which I plan on just utilizing for the near future. However, there are upgraded plans that you can choose from.

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