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Onami's is closed and opened up in another place as Tora

Posted by Ninja Space Content on Wednesday, April 27, 2011,
Onami is not closed. They moved to the Mission Valley Westfield food court and it is now called Tora.

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San Diego Vacation tips - 3 top helpful suggestions

Posted by Ninja Space Content on Monday, April 11, 2011,
If you've never been to San Diego before, here are top tips for those on a budget.

1. Don't stay in downtown if you have kids. It can be expensive and the night life can be a bit much. Stay in the Old Town area or Mission Valley area instead. Rates are more affordable and it'll be more family friendly.
Click here to see hotels in Old Town.
Click here to see hotels in Mission Valley.

2. Buy attraction tickets online instead of at the gate. You usually save 5 - 10 dollars a person that way. Also, y...
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