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Deploying React App on AWS Beanstalk

Posted by Ninja Space Content on Sunday, January 24, 2021, In : AWS 
Here are the steps that I took to deploy my React App today: 
  1. First sign up for a free AWS account
  2. Create a new app in AWS Beanstalk
  3. Use git to bundle my source according to instructions here: $ git archive -v -o --format=zip HEAD
  4. One thing that I noticed that AWS Beanstalk looks for to run the files in there server.js (back-end) and client folder (front-end). So I'll need to make some changes. Example: my server file should be named server.js and not "index.js" like I have now. Also, t...

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Hosting React App on Godaddy Hosting via cpanel

Posted by Ninja Space Content on Sunday, January 24, 2021, In : hosting 
Through GoDaddy, I pay shared hosting for one of my React apps. It was quite easy. After I run a build, I just drag over some files and then it was done.

Steps to use Cpanel from Godaddy's Shared Hosting to host a React App

Here are the steps I took to complete the entire hosting process:
  1. After you've logged into Godaddy with your account information, go to the cpanel File Manager part of Godaddy for your hosting account. Go to 'settings' to check the box next to "Show Hidden Files" or you won't...

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Pushing existing react files on GitHub with issues and solving them

Posted by Ninja Space Content on Sunday, January 3, 2021, In : tech issues 
Happy New Year, guys!

I had a couple more GitHub issues today when I tried to get my local files on GitHub, but finally solved them.

Today, I'm ready to deploy my first week's work on my current project on Heroku but before I do that, I needed to put my local files onto git and GitHub. I had issues with my React project not rendering onto my localhost properly earlier this week after I had tried to 'git init' it. I had to keep creating new files so to not delay my dev process, I have been worki...
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