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My Career Coach broke up with me today

Posted by Ninja Space Content on Thursday, August 26, 2021, In : coding bootcamp 
My career coach, who had been mentoring me since I was in my coding bootcamp broke up with me this morning. I call it a break up because it really feels like it to me.

I graduated from my coding bootcamp about 8 months ago but 2 months before I graduated, my university career coach had been helping me with updating my resume, job researching and strategies. After I graduated, she played a pivotal role in getting me out of my imposter syndrome. We used to meet once a month and would email often...
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Nine days after Coding Bootcamp

Posted by Ninja Space Content on Monday, December 28, 2020, In : coding bootcamp 
I graduated from a 26-week online coding bootcamp about 9 nine days ago and I'm going through a lot of intense mixed emotions.

There is a great relief having to pass such an intense educational program and also a lot of fear. I have fear of not being 'good' enough yet to get a first job, fear of rejection after an interview and the anxiety of the thought of going into an interview. Emotionally and technically, I feel like I am ill-prepared. Therefore, I'm going to do some analyzation here.


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