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G4 Property Configuration for Google Analytics

Posted by Ninja Space Content on Tuesday, August 10, 2021 Under: Google Analytics
I went into my Google Analytics today to create a new property for a new website that I've just deployed yesterday and new properties are now automatically G4 (new for Google Analytics)! The original Google Analytics still remain if you've configured a property way before this new set-up. However, you're not going to be able to find the tracking info that you're familiar with in the new set-up. 

Usually after I've created a new property, I can find my tracking code under "Tracking Info" but I couldn't find it with the new property set-up. I went back to an old property and I can see that right away since those were configured way before this.

The reason why I can't find a "Tracking Info" option for the new property that I have just set up is because the way that Google Analytics is set up now is tracked through tags! You can still use existing UA codes for the older properties and sites but for these new configurations now with G4 (Google Analytics 4), they don't supply a UA code. You just embed the gtag code.

How to find to your code with G4
As mentioned, new Google Analytics properties are set up with G4, which use gtag. To find your gtag code with the new G4 property config, go to 'Admin' just like before. But instead of looking for 'Tracking Info" (since it won't exist on the new interface), go to 'Data Streams'.

Then click "Add stream" and add your site URL and info. It will give you Tagging instructions. Find the "Global site tag (gtag.js)" and it'll have the Global site tag (gtag.js) - Google Analytics there.

Copy and paste that gtag script into the head section of your website. Then, deploy the site with this tag. You should see your site tracked on your dashboard after visiting it. The fastest way to check if it is tracking properly is after you've deployed the site with the gtag, go on your website URL in the browser and view the 'Realtime overview' dashboard. You should see that visit show up immediately (maybe within 2 seconds). It's pretty simple but it was a shock to me at first because I was so used to seeing that "Tracking Info" link for over a decade of my life. 

See my screenshot of my real-time dashboard of the Google Analytics property that I have just set up this morning.

Read about the differences that I've noticed between Google Analytics UA and Google Analytics G4 via this blog link.

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