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How to Reset the ADT Doorbell by yourself

Posted by Ninja Space Content on Tuesday, January 4, 2022 Under: Security
Here are the Steps that I learned from an ADT technician by watching him service an ADT doorbell that I was having trouble with:
  1. Hit the Reset button in the back of the ADT doorbell with a pen or pointy pencil until you hear a ding (usually about 10 seconds).
  2. Go to the Computer and log into the Pulse ADT website ( and enter your account information. Go to "SYSTEMS". Click the "Manage Device" button and select the right device.
  3. Enter the 8 digit pin.
  4. Click on the ADT Doorbell (not the reset button) where a normal user would. The instructions online says to do it for 5 seconds but the technician did it in front of me and he only pressed it quickly and it worked. This will cause the camera to blink in green continuously.
  5. Go back to the computer to watch it process and sync the device to your account. Within a minute, it should be synced up now.
Verbal notes shared by the technician:
  • When you lose electricity, the battery life on the ADT doorbell device only lasts for 1 hour, at least my device version is this way! So, charge up using the USB cord as quickly as possible.
  • Technician says charging it for 6 hours should fully charge the doorbell via the USB plug.
  • If the ADT doorbell ever breaks and as long as we're a paying ADT customer, they will replace the ADT doorbell with a newer ADT doorbell for free.
  • They don't service new Ring doorbells under ADT anymore so if you had one from ADT, you got lucky. They are only selling and installing brand new ADT doorbells now, not Ring doorbells. They will help with an existing one if the Ring device was installed under the ADT plan previously. 

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