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Instagram Link Not Allowed

Posted by Ninja Space Content on Monday, March 9, 2020 Under: Social Media
Last year, while on my Instagram page, I received this prompt that turned my social media marketing upside down. It's the "Link Not Allowed" prompt. What this meant was that the link that's on my bio was no longer clickable from instagram because they have marked it as an inappropriate or fraudulent website. How did they determine this? I think I had some clues.

Before I received that problem, I think I was "loving" too many posts within a short period of time. Maybe this caused Instagram to think I was being a spammer. Who knew? So after Instagram had determined that my "Link (is) Not Allowed", I was also unable to include any text in my photo posts on there or "love" other posts. It was all so frustrating.

How did I recover the "Link Now Allowed" issue on instagram?

Well, it took a while but the first thing I did when I had this issue was I removed my bio link from my Instagram's bio. If you're a business, this could be so maddening because you've just lost another big marketing avenue for people to get to your website. Then after a couple of days, I went on my computer (not mobile device) and logged out of my instagram page. I turned off my wi-fi on my computer. Then I restarted my wi-fi modem and turned on my wi-fi on my computer again. After my internet was working properly, I logged into instagram (on my computer, still not mobile phone) and inserted my bio link again and it finally worked! I didn't get a "Link Not Allowed" prompt anymore and could start "loving" other posts and including text in my photo posts. Phew! So if you're having the same issue, try that. Good luck to you.

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