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Installatron is a nightmare to use as a Contact Us Form

Posted by Ninja Space Content on Saturday, February 6, 2021 Under: tech issues
I recently deployed one of my websites on Godaddy's shared web hosting and decided to use one of their third party integrations called Installatron that's under their Cpanel. It has been a nightmare to get it working, even though it seems like the easiest thing to integrate.

I have talked to over 5 different tech support reps from Godaddy via their chat tool and it seems like the chat gets timed out or something because like every 30 or 45 minutes, I get a new tech support person. It's a pain and it's like I'm stuck in a loop. First, they said I have to use an email address that is linked to the domain so I did that. Then, they said, I should try using a different email address and I tried that. And then, they said they have limited resources to integrating this tech because it's a third party. If it is this difficult to figure out, I really think they shouldn't list Installatron as a solution under their Cpanel. 

After a few weeks of not getting this figured out because the last Godaddy tech support person totally ghosted me, today, I've decided to give up completely. I uninstalled it and feel relieved.

I suggest finding another way to create a Contact Us form. I ended up using a Node library called Nodemailer.

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