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Logo or no logo on the website

Posted by Ninja Space Content on Tuesday, February 25, 2020 Under: Creating a Brand
When building a website, finding and creating the right logo can take a long time. If you're fickle like me, I would change a logo for some websites almost every year!

Some of the websites I've owned in the past wouldn't have one until years later! However, for this website, Ninja Space Content, I created the logo before I even created the website. This was an outlier. 

Whether you have a logo up right away or not, it won't really affect most blogs when indexing it to the search engines but it does affect whether someone will remember your website when they come back again. Branding is still very important even if you're not corporate. So once you have your website up, you can start thinking of ideas for a logo. It doesn't have to be fancy. Actually sometimes the simpler, the better for brand recognition. See Weebly Brand Building Guide.

I still remember the very first logo I created. It was made from PhotoShop and it took me hours and days to complete it. Using vector tools and tweaking a point here and there were most of what I was doing. It was nuts. Now that Canva exists, it's where I create all of my logos now, including the one for It's free to create an account and they have templates for almost anything! You just have to pay extra if you want to use certain pictures or features on there.

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