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Posted by Ninja Space Content on Sunday, March 1, 2020
I ran my first Pinterest ad recently to see if it would help with converting sales. Unfortunately I didn't make a sale but I did get 28 clicks within a span of 4 days for $4. I had originally planned to have it run for 5 days but my credit card that I had on file had expired at the beginning of March (today) so it cut it short. I was actually happy that it cut it one day short because I wasn't too pleased with the results. See the pin that I had used to promote as an ad below.

It didn't let me narrow down to any geographic targets but they only charged me by the number of clicks and not impressions and then it would stop the ad for the day once I've spent my budget for the day. It came down to 7 clicks for $1 a day. The website I was promoting this picture for was This website promotes traveling to South Carolina beaches.

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