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Pushing existing react files on GitHub with issues and solving them

Posted by Ninja Space Content on Sunday, January 3, 2021 Under: tech issues
Happy New Year, guys!

I had a couple more GitHub issues today when I tried to get my local files on GitHub, but finally solved them.

Today, I'm ready to deploy my first week's work on my current project on Heroku but before I do that, I needed to put my local files onto git and GitHub. I had issues with my React project not rendering onto my localhost properly earlier this week after I had tried to 'git init' it. I had to keep creating new files so to not delay my dev process, I have been working locally on my computer without backing it up on git.

Thankfully, I made good progress this morning. I git init just earlier today and everything still renders as expected. Finally! I think the main problem that kept getting repeated several days ago was that I had followed instructions from the documentation from GitHub from this particularly link to a T: and I had to change a couple of things. If you're encountering the same problems, these are the two things that I had to do differently below: 

(Note: I'm using dark pink to note what I had to use to work, and orange to signify what GitHub said to do.) 

I Used the following to work:
git init 

and not git init -b main as noted in above doc link as the first command in the terminal from GitHub.

I Used the following to work:
git push --set-upstream origin master

and not git push -u origin main as noted in the above doc link as my last command in the terminal from GitHub.

Besides for changing the two commands up there, the other commands worked for me.

Here were my exact steps below (my working terminal commands are in bold black)
  1. I created a new repository (aka repo) in GitHub.
  2. I opened my terminal and made sure I cd in the working directory of my files.
  3. I followed the GitHub doc and initialized it by typing in git init -b main, but it returned an error message. So then, I just tried the simple command: git init instead and it worked for me.
  4. I added all the files to git following the documentation: git add . and it worked.
  5. Then, I committed the files I've staged with: git commit -m "First commit" and it worked.
  6. I went back to my GitHub repository and copied the remote repository URL
  7. I went back to the terminal I was working in and did the following commands: git remote add origin remote repository URL).git
  8. Then, the following command: git remote -v 
  9. The last step from GitHub's doc said to use git push -u origin main, but it didn't work for me so I typed: git push and then in return it said to use this in the terminal: git push --set-upstream origin master and so I copied and pasted it into my terminal command (then of course, hit enter); and it worked!
All of my files are now in the GitHub repository! I'm going to follow these steps from now on. I'll continue to document as many issues and workarounds as I can on Ninja Space Content so that I may go back and refer to them. I also hope this will help anyone who encounters the same issues.

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