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San Diego State 20-1 as of Jan. 27, 2011

Posted by Ninja Space Content on Thursday, January 27, 2011
I love my Aztecs.

Tickets to the Aztecs Basketball game for this season is sold out. We have the best record we've ever had. I am so proud. Even though we lost to BYU yesterday the stat of 20-1 is still fantastic.

Way to go Aztecs! Yesterday in PB, OB and all over San Diego, every one has been cheering for the Aztecs. I've been getting a lot of people looking for bars to watch the games in PB. 

Here's the top bars to go to watch the Aztec games in Pacific Beach

1. Maverick's on Garnet Ave- They have a lot of monitors and a lot of alumnis SDSU students that go there as well
2. Bub's on Garnet Ave - This is a great dive bar. They are not only always rooting for the Philadelphia Eagles but they play the Aztec games as well.
3. Cabo Cantina on Garnet Ave - I actually suggest this place over Bub's. It's right next door too. They have a lot of monitors but their bathroom sucks! Big time! So if you pee a lot, stay away from here or go to Sinbad's to pee and then come back.

Go to to see more bars in the area.

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