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Scary Message HPDriverCore.framework will damage your computer from HP Printer

Posted by Ninja Space Content on Saturday, October 31, 2020 Under: tech issues
I've owned this HP printer for several years now and today, I got this scary message when I tried to print something: HPDriverCore.framework will damage your computer.
I thought maybe this was a one off thing so I proceeded but no matter what, this message prompt kept showing up. My HP drivers needed updating but it still had the old files so I had to figure out how to delete this printer from my computer list and completely delete the HP Printer Library files. I own a MAC computer and after googling this I've discovered that this is a problem that many HP printer owners are having! I'm not alone! After I googled how to do all of this, my printer started working again.

Basically, I had to remove the printer from my computer list, then find the HP files for this particular printer and deleted it. Then, when I was ready to use it again, the printer will prompt me to download drivers (new ones) so that it would work again. Lo and behold, I do not have to get a new printer! I'm able to print again.

Update: I'm getting a lot of new viewers on this website from others looking to resolve their HPDriverCore issue like I had. Thanks for coming on here. We're not alone guys and it's fixable! Remember, remove the printer from your computer list (I own a MAC so not sure how PCs work around this). Then, find the HP files for that printer model and delete them. After that, when you're ready to use your printer, try to print a document. It should prompt you in an alert or something to download drivers to use for it. Download those drivers and try to print afterwards! Good luck!

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