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Week Three of Learning Angular

Posted by Ninja Space Content on Thursday, April 1, 2021 Under: angular
I'm on Week Three of Angular and I'm going to re-do a workshop again because I wanted to figure something out that wasn't working properly for me before. I'm coding along with Programming with Mosh's tutorial on Angular.

My Fixes
In the Section 14-Solution-Favorite-Component, Mosh wrote the following line in the favorite.component.ts file: isFavorite: boolean; and it showed a red squiggly line for me and my front end would not compile right. There were two different changes that I could choose in order to fix it. I could either declare the state as false like so: isFavorite = false; or I could add the exclamation point after my variable name like so: isFavorite!: boolean;. The reasoning why it worked for Mosh his way and not for me is because I am using a later version of TypeScript. His tutorial is a few years old. That is something you'll always have to keep in mind as a programmer. Things are always changing.

Component API
This is where the input is the state and the output is the event. You would need to import the Input decorator and also note  @Input() isFavorite!: boolean; in your variable to define an Input property.

Output Properties
For some reason, I had to go over this twice to get it to work. Just like the input part, I had to import Output and additionally, also import EventEmitter and to define the output I had to code the following:  @Output() change = new EventEmitter(); and then add the following as a method: onClick() { this.isTest = !this.isTest; this.change.emit(); } and then finally, in the html file I could implement this like so: <favorite [isfavorite]="post.isFavorite" (change)="onFavoriteChange()"></favorite>

There are three ways to style. What comes last will become effective. You can write in-line with a style tag. You can use styles through the component.css or add styles property in an array. There's a reference on Shadow DOM.

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