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Connecting Facebook to Yola CMS

Posted by Ninja Space Content on Saturday, May 29, 2021 Under: Social Media
Today, I'm focusing on adding another way for my visitors to be able to visit my websites without leaving my Facebook pages if they're already on there. I'm a Yola CMS client and there's a tool under my Yola log-in that allows me to add my website that I published through them as a tab on my Facebook page. I'm adding this Facebook publishing integration to a few of my Yola sites. 

As part of my marketing strategy, I always create an associated Facebook page for each website so that there could be some cross-marketing. (Read more about how I leverage free social media marketing to grow my traffic.) I've seen in my Google Analytics reports that every time I post something on social media and include a link in the post to my website, web traffic definitely shows a bit of a spike and occasionally, a big spike. So, I'm going to try this Facebook publishing feature where it adds a new tab on my Facebook page and allow visitors to go on my "Website" without leaving Facebook.

I can only add the Facebook publishing feature to Facebook pages that have lesser likes and followers because it currently only works in an older version of Facebook pages.

I learned that I couldn't implement it on my Facebook page that has over 1,800 likers/followers because Facebook has just updated my higher trafficked Facebook page to their latest version while keeping my less popular Facebook pages on the older version; and Yola's Facebook publishing feature doesn't work on the latest version.

STEPS for Yola Facebook Publishing:

Yola has the Facebook publishing feature under their "Settings". It is turnkey.

  1. Go to "Settings" of your working site. Then, go to "Publishing" on the left side bar. At the bottom of the page, click on "Connect with Facebook". 
  2. Select the Facebook page you'd like to use for this particular Yola site. If you've configured a facebook publishing feature for a different Yola site for a Facebook page before, hit "Edit Settings" instead of "Continue as..." of your account (this will open a new tab or window). Select the exact Facebook page you'd like to use for your particular account (this is for those who have many Facebook pages under one Facebook account), then toggle "Yes" to allow Yola Website Builder to manage your Facebook page. 
  3. Then go back to the original tab of your "Publishing" settings. You'll see a radio button to select that exact Facebook page to allow the "Website" tab to show up on your Facebook page. You'll notice that before you did this, a "Website" tab was not seen from your list of tabs on your Facebook page. After a few minutes, you should see it as Yola has done this for you automatically since you've allowed them to publish it on your behalf. It is pretty cool. 

I would move the "Website" tab on my Facebook page up once it's propagated so that it's on the second tab. That way, visitors can see it when they go on the Facebook page. This will increase awareness and make it more apparent to visitors. See my screenshot below of one of my Facebook pages with this "Website" tab below. 

Importantly, you can only view this "Website" tab on the desktop version of Facebook and not the mobile versions of the Facebook pages.

You can also view Yola's detailed instructions and Q & As on enabling the Facebook Publishing feature for your Yola account.

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