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I will share all of my website building knowledge here on this website for any beginner or novice who is striving to learn to create their own website! See Tips for Bloggers.

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Affiliate Ads - monetizing your website or blog with affiliate links or ads (just like this website, my links to resources and recommendations may allow me to earn a commission from each sale)
Blogger Tips - what I learned along the way for the past 10 years
Domain and Hosting - list of companies you could use to buy your domain and host it and Content Management Systems you can use for your website or blog
Website Management - after creating your website, there are free tools you can utilize to index your website and track your traffic
Website Expenses - see how much building and running a website can cost and how social media can help you grow your traffic
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When I first started my very first website in 2008, a blogger was not even a thing or occupation. Blogging about your daily life was just considered typing a journal entry, even if it was online. Before, I was considered a website or domain owner. Now, people may consider me a blogger instead. 

Aside from being a blogger, I'm also a coding bootcamp grad and graduated from Fullstack Academy in December 2020.

It's been amazing to see the evolution of website building and how social media can play a huge role in growing a website or blog. Every day, new bloggers join the online space and we're getting more knowledgeable in areas we never knew we could learn about before. People are turning to the internet or online, instead of the library to learn a new subject or build a DIY project. Read my latest blog entries.