Resume Tips

I attended a webinar in February 2024 and I thought I'd highlight some notes that they said to do and not do on your resume.

Don't Do's
  • Don't list the date you graduate.
  • Don't list the courses or GPA of the classes you took, unless you are a student and are applying for an apprenticeship or internship.
  • Don't put a picture on your resume as those images can throw off the applicant tracking system (ats)
  • Don't list jobs from 10 years ago on your resume unless it is a continuation of your current job, say you started your current job 10 years ago and are still working there.
  • Don't list your street address, but list your City and State so they know where you're geographically located
  • Do list an intentional career break in your resume, even if it's as a homemaker.
  • Show guesstimates with KPI's if you don't have access to metrics.
  • As a freelancer, list your specific dates for each company you provide work for. Instead of "freelancer" title, try to be more specific and give yourself a title like "front end developer", etc.
  • Keep the resume to no more than 2 pages and if you need that second page, make that page full. 
  • Stick to bullet points and avoid paragraphs as they are easier for the recruiter's eyes.
  • Include your contact information.
Do you agree with these suggestions?

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